Snow and Friendship

It’s been years since it snowed here in The Netherlands. Real snow, I mean. And today the children were very happy because they could finally play with snow. Many moms in the Facebook groups searched frantically for sleighs, boots, ski-suits, because the snow forecast came rather surprisingly. And now we’re in the lockdown, no shop opens, so 2nd hand is the only fastest option.

I’m a cheap – non energetic mom, so I was rather carefree with all the situations. Plus it had been forecasted so many times before that snow days were coming and yet no snow, so what can happen?

But it snowed, indeed. The snow fell nonstop from yesterday evening until now, and in the night our town turned cold and white. What a crazy world, because I was still able to go outside shortly without any jacket two days earlier since it was a very warm winter day, and suddenly the temperature dropped below zero degree!

The first thing I thought as I opened the curtain in the morning today, and realized how cold the day has been, was this great gratitude that we had a warm home to shelter us. Though the Netherlands is known to have good welfare but in reality there are still people who are homeless. I can’t imagine being outside without a home in such weather! Truly, truly, the simple thing like having a place to live, in the middle of this wrenching pandemic situation where people lost their jobs, lost their money, and now plus a snow storm – it’s really a blessing that until today our family has been sustained through this difficult year. We are home. In this cold. What can I ask for more?

Well, of course the children still wanted more 😀 They wanted to go outside, to the tiny hill behind our house. My husband rushed me to change my clothes and after some time layering ourselves with all kinds of shawls, hats, gloves and everything, we were finally outside. In the midst of the snow and the wind!

Our family friends were also there bringing their children to play sleigh. And for one day I completely ignored the corona-protocol. It’s outdoor, that’s my excuse. Or frankly, I couldn’t think straight anymore, it was really too cold (and everyone was too excited!) My husband said the real feeling temperature was like -12 C, and boy, we didn’t have real-real winter ski things! We’ve been through too many warm winters. (It does actually make a difference!).

And this cheap mama (and her poor children) were blessed because our friends have a sleigh and they’re warmly allowing my kids to use it too 😀 It was a fun 40 minutes, the children played together, this mama stayed below to take pictures (and guarding in case the kids fall into the pond next to the hill).

I guess friendship is also another thing to be grateful for today. While my life is nowhere like a storytale, today was indeed beautifully white.

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