The Two Minutes of My Life

I’m not much of a gamer, but I’m bad at managing my time and I lost a lot of time to games. I like simple uncomplicated games, like blocks/jewels games. In my defence, I only use games as a way to kill boredom, nothing serious, I will just play in between tasks, and it won’t take long. Two minutes, two minutes of refreshing my mind, it should be enough.

But these two minutes prove itself to be much more. Whenever I send my kids to school and sit down to let the adrenaline rush settle down, I open my telephone and promise myself, this would only be two minutes. Two minutes. But I will end up playing the game for hours! Wasting literally hours!

The two minutes intended for the game can actually be used for many things. Picking up the toys from the floor, washing some dishes (I once counted you can wash at last 6 or 7 dishes in two minutes), making up the bed, filling up the water bottle, even reading two pages – that can be done in two minutes!

And once I start those useful things, what happens next is usually I get immersed in the activity and will spend more time without any problem at all. I get things done, my house gets tidier, I feel much better…

I once read about the “2 minutes rule” as a part of overcoming procrastination: “if it takes less than 2 minutes, than do it now”. I agree with this technique and while I don’t always do it, I see progress whenever I apply it. And this 2 minutes rule can definitely serve as a start towards other tasks that take a longer duration of time.

Two minutes can be spent in a short prayer, two minutes can be used in memorizing Bible verse. Two minutes can be directed towards eternity, or to temporariness. Two minutes can direct me to my goals, two minutes can bring me to a defeated feeling afterwards. Two minutes can bring me to a lot of things. 

Do you know there are 720 chances of “two minutes” in one day? We can actually lead ourselves to many things, at least 500 times in a day (minus the sleeping time).

I can wash my face in two minutes, and will easily be followed by a short shower, instead of listening to the voice that this game will take only two minutes and later go to bed without showering at all.

Two minutes is short enough to waste, and long enough to be useful. And that’s my friend, the story of two minutes of my life.

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