Sometimes we find ourselves in a point of going nowhere. We know approximately what to do, but our eyes are fixated on the things that hinder us from doing that.

“I haven’t fully understood what going on is.”

“I still don’t know the details. I don’t even understand the big picture yet.”

“I haven’t figured out how to get there.”

“I’m sure I will never get it.”

In general, it seems like planning is everything. But a lot of things especially when it relates to the call of God doesn’t really depend on OUR plans. God’s plans are never to be decided by OUR ability, OUR opportunities, nor OUR knowledge. What God requires in us as we try to fulfill His plans is first our obedience.

For days I was restless. I could feel what I need to do, I could see it, but I feel like not doing it. I don’t have all the facts gathered, I don’t have any access to do more things I want to do, I want to know more, I’d like to be involved, I want to get control.

In my restlessness I cried out and prayed. And soon after I knew.

“Do what you can.”

God doesn’t ask us to start when we are fully equipped with all datas of what we have to do, and where we have to go. Whom we’re going to meet, what we’re going to speak. I don’t say that we shall not be prepared. We have to be always ready, be prepared to accept the task, to follow in obedience. With enough knowledge of what we’re going to face or without it. But always with enough strength, in Him who always assists and provides for us.

When Abraham was called from the land of Ur, God said to him that He wanted to bring him to the promised land: “a land that I will show you”. God didn’t put it in the detail on how long the trip was, whom he’s going to meet, or how he would do it. He said get out of your country, and Abraham went obediently. 

Abraham didn’t ask God to wait for him doing his research in Google on how, where, how long, the trip would be. He began his journey by obeying God, fully trusting that God knew what He was asking, and He would provide all necessity for Abraham and his family in fulfilling this journey.

Not all details of the things in our life are figured out by the time we begin something. We start a career with a set of goals in mind, we start a family with beautiful expectations. And by using our own experiences and the experience of others we could map out some plans and forecast what problems and risks we could face. But we won’t be able to know it all – and still we would take the risks and jump into our new journey.

How far more assuring it should be when we start a journey of something together with our Heavenly Father who never ceases from His faithfulness for us.

Start by doing what you can. Seek for His wisdom along the process. Don’t focus on the details you don’t know yet. Listen to the calling, look at the needs, and begin, start doing. Even when you think your calling is not grand enough, and your start is strong enough, do what you can!

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