Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Love,

I’m celebrating here, too
Having a bottle of Heaven and Earth
Like we used to

I thank God for one more year He gave you
I thank God for giving you family, health, job and happiness
And most of all,
I thank God for giving you salvation,
And let you know Him…

Happy birthday Love,
I thank God for the year that has separated us
For I know in everything, God works for our good,
And someday
He will change the tears into the shouts of joy…

I wish you another year of chances to follow Him
And be transformed in His love
I wish you God’s grace for the whole family
I wish you health and joy in your life
And most of all,
I wish He will answered our prayer,
That whatever happen, in sick or health, in suffering or joy,
He’ll grant us strength to be faithful to obey and follow Him.

Happy birthday Love,
Til we meet again… you’re always in my prayer.

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