He Sings, “I don’t need to speak, you already know what’s on my mind”

Ok, I’m peeking into someone’s writing.

It’s my first home alone experience in my new house – my brother and sister in law suddenly decided to get an escapade to Bintan for 3 days, and I can tell you that being alone in the house is not really my favorite thing.

Plus the problem of breathing I’m having right now, thanks to the office renovation that is going in my office – the contractor tried to kill us all in a corner, without fresh air circulation, had to inhale all those chemical things.

Anyway (I really wonder why I never be able to go straight to my point of writing :P), TV was never my favorite way to spend time, ironing the clothes is too burdening, so I go blog-walking and found one of my friend’s writing. And here I am, post-peeking, trying to write something.

He’s a very nice man, a very matured and wise person I know. He’s a quiet person, but when he speaks and explains things, it’s always pleasant to hear his gentle tone and his choice of words. Though I know he writes – you know, those serious writings, but never in my mind would I come across the writing about his personal feelings.

Reading his poems and notes, I could catch a brief of sadness, a broken-hearted moment he tried to share to the ‘world’ in his blog. And never, never in my mind, to think that I might see him that way. I mean, him, broken-hearted? I never thought that this guy could even fall in love. But he did. And he wrote it all in a very sad poem on his last post.

Here in this age, seems like millions of people have blog. They write their personal thought – some of them are very open with their thoughts, some of them – like me, and this person – are more subtle and cautious not to reveal too much information. But in general, I believe it’s all the same…

We are some lonely souls in this earth. We talk to each other in person but yet so many words are unspoken. We have so many thoughts in our mind that we don’t dare to speak out in public. We have love messages we can’t express – not that we don’t have the words, but too many times because we don’t have the right to do so. We have hopes and dreams we wish we can share with someone. But in this hectic world, sometimes internet is our best friend.

Though sometimes I find my self – and others as well – is not so consistent. I mean, if we want it to be so personal – like me, I don’t really hope that the whole world would know what is my greatest fear, who I’m falling into right now (as if there is), what is my hope and my dreams, but yet, what the heck I’m writing all these things and put it in the net anyway? Yet we are still here, trying to express what bothers our mind, or maybe simply writing some simple wish, that somehow the person we hope to read this happen to stumble into our blog and read our mind.

What’s the moral of the story of my post here?

Apart from tonight I have the chance – somehow I feel guilty to peek into somebody’s blog – to know someone better, I’m being reminded that around me, there are people who hide their feeling – yet long for someone to listen to them and (more important) to understand them and love them for they are.

I hope, I could be more aware of the needs of people around me, and willing to share the burdens with them.

Well, after all, home-alone seems not so bad anymore.

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