To Study The Words of God

Quoted from The Treasury of David by Charles Spurgeon, Psalm 1:2

“In His law doth he meditate.”
In the plainest text there is a world of holiness and spirituality; and if we in prayer and dependence upon God did sit down and study it, we should behold much more than appears to us.

It may be, at once reading or looking, we see little or nothing; as Elijah’s servant went once, and saw nothing; therefore he was commanded to look seven times. What now? Says the prophet, “I see a cloud rising, like a man’s hand;” and by-and-by, the whole surface of the heavens was covered with clouds.

So you may look lightly upon a Scripture and see nothing; meditate often upon it, and there you shall see a light, like the light of the sun. Joseph Caryl, 1647.

Please forgive me if I keep quoting Spurgeon.

As stated above, at once reading or looking, we see little or nothing. And I’m quite a slow learner myself when I need to read some new material – especially those serious things which need more brain activities. I was touched by the passages – how true this Joseph wrote. Too often we give up the fight in reading or studying something, thinking that everything is too difficult to understand and then we stop trying.

I’m currently meditating the Psalm 1 over and over. The sermon I had in the last Youth service also mentioned the must to live in God and let the Words live in us. I’m wondering over and over… how can I do it constantly? While so many things in this busy world seems to attract my attention. And somehow His Words is not the easiest thing to understand…

I joked with a friend one day – teasing him that his writing is very good, but also very hard to digest at the same time. Hmmh, don’t mean to give him a blind blame for his ability to write complex sentences – it seems I’m the only one who has difficulty in digesting the sentences at once. The others seem to cope with them fine.

So when I read this passage I did feeling relieved. Phew. It has been a huge comfort for a slow learner like me. But surely I could feel the stress in the sentence, an urge for diligently studying the word of God. I’ve tried to keep doing it as my 2010 resolution – it feels uneasy but it gets better as I keep reading. I really hope that the Holy Spirit will grant me the wisdom and to understand The Words and also the strength to live the Words in my life.

Yes I’m slow and late, but for You o Dear Master, I want not to give up!

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