Yosef: I am a heroin user, not a criminal

I came across this article today Yosef: I am a heroin user, not a criminal , and thinking how far the truth is being twisted these days. When doing something wrong (against the law) doesn’t make you a criminal (as long as you don’t harm anyone but yourself), is doing sin (small ones) doesn’t make you a sinner?

I felt troubled as I read the title – I’m a heroin user, not a criminal – to see how people justify the wrongs they’ve done. But I’m also worried for myself , though I’m far from using heroin, or prostitution, or killing anyone – but in my daily life, I’m not free from wrongdoings, my lack of willingness to right things, my laziness, my ignorance, my ‘small and unimportant’ lies which sound more as excuses…

As I felt bad to see how people justify themselves in twisting the truth, I feel awful of myself too, thinking how I’ve thought that my ‘small number’ of wrongdoings are not significant – compared to the good things I’ve done. And how often I don’t feel bad anymore after I do wrongs.

I hope by sharing this article, I’m not merely pointing out fire and do nothing about it – sigh, kayanya mulai membingungkan kalimatnya:P maksud aku, semoga sharing hal ini ke temen2 bukan seperti orang yang cuma nunjukin ada kebakaran/masalah tanpa berbuat apa2 untuk mengatasinya…

Frankly speaking, I feel even more helpless as I think further about what I can do about it. The least I can do is to examine myself – have I known the Truth and carried it out in my life? And the next question is even tougher – do I have the desire to make the Truth known for others?

My honest answer is yes, no, and no. Well, that makes me not so far different from this Yosef (young, and has a Christian name, sigh).

I hope, in God’s grace, I will be given the strength to know the Truth, live the Truth, and share the Truth.

Hope this can be a blessing for everyone.

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