My Wish on This Father Day

Sometimes I wish
To go back to the days
When I was still my Daddy’s little girl
Giggling uncontrollably in his embrace

Sometimes I wish
To go back to the days
When I was still my Mommy’s little daughter
Sleeping with my head on her lap,
Thinking there’s nothing in this world could worry me

Sometimes I wish
That I don’t have to grow up
Being their little princess forever
Safe in their arms
Loved for all I am – in my laughs and tears and scream
When I jumped and danced like a crazy cat
Or when I closed my eyes, smiled and slept tight

Sometimes I wish
To go back to the days
When I trusted my Daddy and my Mommy with all my heart
And never thought of giving them my piece of mind
Never thought I’m better than them to criticize their ways
Never thought I know what’s best so I would tell them what to do

Sometimes I wish
To go back to the days
When my Daddy held me high in the air
When my Mommy held my hand tight
So I would never come to this day
When sometimes all I say is
Mom, don’t do that
Dad, it’s not like that

Sometimes I wish
To go back to the days
When they’re still my super heroes
Always stronger than myself
My hiding place and my towers of strength
Keeping me from all harms,
Protecting me from all my fears

Now I know
Those days are over
I’m so much taller than them now
So much stronger than them now

And how much I wish
I could love them in my greatest might
Accept them and respect them with all my heart
Remember the facts that today,
I don’t have even half of their wisdom
I can’t pay even half of their love
I can’t give them even half of my best
I can’t be like them even half of their patience

And how much I wish
I could trust them today
As much as they’ve always trusted me
No matter if I fell, if I failed
They have been there for me
Saying that they still love me
For all I am, even when I was less than a half of myself

And how much I wish
For one day,
One single day that I could make them proud
And not giving them even a trace of worry
One single day
That I could take away those burdens
I’ve put on their shoulder, in their hearts, in these countless days

And how much I wish
When one day I’m a parent myself
I would be able to walk in their way
Trusting in God, be faithful as they are
Loving my children as they love me
Fighting in life as they fight

How much I wish
For a day,
One single fine day
When my Mommy and Daddy would look me in the eyes
And tell me proudly
That I’m no longer this spoiled baby girl they always worry about

Daddy, thank you, sorry, and I love you. So much!

One thought on “My Wish on This Father Day

  1. Very touching, de…
    It brings back special memory of my childhood.
    Thanks for sharing your thought. Let's embrace every moment with every valued people around us, especially our Dad, Mom & family 🙂

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