Bring Me, Diamond and Roses

There are two beautiful things I received in my engagement day. The first one is a dozen of gorgeous red roses from my sister in law. The second thing is a beautiful diamond ring from my beloved fiancé. Now a week has passed since the big day, and the roses have started to wither and while solitaire ring is safely kept in its box.


I walked passed the living room this afternoon and watched the roses for awhile. Some of them had been put aside by my Mom. The good ones were still in the vase, stand there all by themselves while most of us stay at other rooms of the house. My father spends his time in front of his computer, my Mom would go busily here and there and rests in her bedroom, and me, of course, aside from doing the household chores now and then, I stay in my bedroom. As I passed and lightly touched the roses and admired their beauty, I realized how rarely I spent my times in the past week to take a good look at them and enjoy this beautiful rare sight (not every day fresh roses are available in my house :P)

Then I remembered my diamond ring – which is too stunning to be used while washing the dishes and too pickpocket-attractive to use in the harsh atmosphere of public transportation in Jakarta. A week has gone after the engagement day and the ring has been there, in my room – safely and almost untouched.

Two dashing items that have marked my big day have also been left untouched, unused, unenjoyed (if such a word existed). Did you see how sad it is? While sometimes we (women, mostly) put a lot of attention and hopes in physical things, we actually can’t enjoy them simultaneously in most of the times. We sometimes think that those things are important – sometimes so important so we depend our happiness on them. Diamond and roses, who doesn’t want them? But could they really satisfy our need? Could they really bring joy and peace in our hearts?

I received two beautiful things in my engagement day. But the most beautiful and the most important thing ever is I’m blessed to have my beloved man beside me on that day, and there he will be forever. It’s not the roses or the diamond that made my day that time. It’s God’s blessing in His chosen son, in the love and supports from our parents, families and relatives, and friends, in the warmth of our hopes for the future and our promise to fight together.

I might need this as a reminder sometimes – perhaps when things get tough and hopes seem to fail us down… that the most important things are not the ones we can see with our eyes, but what we can feel in our heart. It’s not the physical and material things we must pursue in life, because sometimes we don’t even have time or chance to enjoy them all… but it’s God and His grace, I want to enjoy with my beloved man, forever this time.

All by His grace, all for His glory.

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