I’m Learning – And Still Learning

These things I listed to learn was posted on the door of my bedroom – back to my college days many years ago. Too bad I didn’t put any date, so I’m not sure how old is the list… could it be like 13 years ago? *I think there’s something special about 13 years 🙂 Or maybe eleven or ten years ago…
Anyway, looking at the list, I realized these 33 (plus one) things I listed down there were my weakest points – even now, I’m still struggling in each day to reach them. But yes, I’m also grateful that in these past ten years where the glory of those years was the tears of hardship in being reformed by God, I might rejoice that God has been faithful and never gave up in His way to shape me into what I am today.
I’m glad my Dad found the list and I’m glad I had used present continues tense in writing the title of the list… it means, yes, I’m learning, I’m still learning. And may God help me.

I’m learning:

  1. To devote all of my life, heart, soul, and energy to love God and serve Him for all my life!
  2. Not to go angry easily
  3. To love and serve others – love never fails!
  4. Not to cry for myself
  5. To give with a big smile and never calculate it
  6. To be humble
  7. To stay holy
  8. To listen to someone
  9. To keep silent
  10. To read the Bible
  11. Not to judge people from their outer look/attitude
  12. To forgive and forget
  13. To be loyal
  14. Not to be afraid in doing my homework
  15. To be committed in my commitment
  16. To remember someone’s birthday
  17. To smile to everyone
  18. Not to feel pity of myself
  19. To be strong although alone
  20. To bless rather than curse
  21. To use my time efficiently
  22. Never break my promise
  23. To pray for others everyday
  24. To say thanks!
  25. To greet people I meet
  26. To believe: there’s true love – I shall not give up!
  27. Not to say bad things about others
  28. To say NO!
  29. Not to give up easily
  30. To work out on my track everyday
  31. To accept myself
  32. Not to eat too much
  33. To read good books instead of daydreaming


“Shall I not judge people when they’re doing something wrong; for I’m not perfect, and still learning!”

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