Motherhood – Expecting the Grace of God in Gratefulness

More than a year since my last post here and yes we are still expecting.

Jacob, our son has born in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands five months ago, on July 7th, 2012. We named him Jacob Hezekiah Hatorangan Oppusunggu.
Jacob – chosen to be blessed by God. I had always wanted to name my son after my own Grandfather: Petrus. Means the rock. I wish my son to be the rock, the foundation of God’s church, and of course not to have weak heart like me. But as I prayed to God in some afternoon, the name of Jacob came to me.
Hezekiah – God is our strength. I know, two Biblical names are too much. But we really want to mark the history of his birth – God had been our strength, the only one and only. We were in such a difficult time when I was pregnant with Jacob. Changing job, moving house/city (8 months pregnant without any help just me and my husband), and the new job pressure was so high that we were about to sent home just when I was about to give birth. Having diabetic in pregnancy, very difficult delivery, about to lose every worldly things that we had at that time, oh if you ask me how we went through that time, I would say boldly – God was our strength!
Hatorangan – the one who gives enlightenment, the one who brings light. My husband wanted him to have Batak name. He chose this name after an outspoken and honest government officer in Indonesia.
Life being new mom is not exactly the same as what I’ve seen in the movies. The first few days after Jacob was born, the main thing I asked from God is nothing but a grateful heart. The days and nights he cried violently I sometimes asked myself how to love this baby. But again and again I forced myself to remember how God has been our only strength – the day my husband went home bringing the news that he could keep the job, the miracles that we could survive those impossible months, the night I struggled to deliver him and the songs I sang loudly in the surgery room and the prayer I said and how God has answered them all!
And until tonight when he cried so hard before he slept (looks like he starts to teething), again I know just like God has answered all, He too will provide ALL we need in raising our son, to be the man He wants him to be.
In gratefulness, we keep expecting.
Yesus segala-galanya, Mentari Hidupku, 
Sehari-hari Dialah penolong yang teguh, 
Kala ku susah berkesah, aku datang kepadaNya, 
Sandaranku, Penghiburku, Sobatku.
Jesus is all the world to me, my Friend in trials sore;
I go to Him for blessings, and He gives them over and o’er.
He sends the sunshine and the rain, He sends the harvest’s golden grain;
Sunshine and rain, harvest of grain, He’s my Friend.
Jesus is All The World to Me – the very first song I sang to Jacob in his ear when he was born *and the song the nurses and doctors kept hearing in that long night 🙂

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