She was a woman of praises, a beautiful young woman, graduated from high prestige university, small built and completed with meekness and gentleness. She was known by many, praised by many. Many juniors looked at her with full respect. Many good words were spoken about her. She was like a goddess of beauty, a queen of kindness. It was from about 23 years ago, a woman who somehow in a short period had a chance to touch my life.

Decades later and I got to see her again, online this time. I was taken aback when I saw her. Is this the woman I used to know? She looked completely different from my memory.

I heard the childbearing has robbed her health away. I heard her life was never the same again. I could see the tiredness painted all over her face. Age has eaten her up. Her works have beaten her up. But one thing stays. Her beauty was still shown, her gentleness radiated all the same.

She has proved her work in these 30 years time, being the helper of her husband lending their hands to hundreds of young students. Even when they grow older now, they are still showing their faithfulness in helping people find their way to Christ. From being a young couple with a promising future, handing over their lives to God to serve others. You can trace weariness in their faces, but still you can’t help to overhear kindness in their voices.

Our world is filled with women of beauty, plastered all over the instagram walls and television screens. Tall, slender with plump bosoms have become the standard of beauty in this generation. Layers of makeup enhance women’s looks and determine their instagram-worth. Tons of makeup tutorials and total makeover fill make the trends.

These beauties are admired by many, followed by many. But in reality, as much we admire the physical beauty of someone, her beauty seldom touches our heart, nor it changes our lives.

Our words and deeds are much powerful to give impact in the lives of others, compared to how we look. But many of us focus so much on the outer layers, that we forget we’re given the chance to help people through our works, and less by our appearances.

This very lady I saw is a true example of the true beauty stated in the proverbs 31:30-31. 

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
But a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.
Honor her for all that her hands have done,
And let her works bring her praise at the city gate.

Proverbs 31:30-31 NIV

Our beauty might get praises from people who follow us in our social media account. But the true honor and praise come from the people, whose lives have been touched by ours. Our memories remain when people remember us on how we have helped or inspired them, how we have been there for them, strengthened them.

How I’m glad that I was given a chance to be a witness to the faithfulness of God shown in the years of this beautiful woman!

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