A Mother’s Blessing

Sunday, 9 May 2021


You wake up in the middle of the night, still groggy from interrupted sleep, you hear a child is crying. 

You run to his room, consoling his wailing, knowing without any words – because he’s still sleeping – that he might have a bad dream.

You try to return to sleep to no avail, toss and turn until the early morning.

Then you know, it’s time to wake up. Go downstairs straight into the kitchen, preparing the breakfast for the rest of the household.

And there goes your morning. Sometimes it’s quiet and pleasant, sometimes it’s full of crying.

And there goes your day, full of responsibilities, constantly tending for somebody else but yourself.

In the middle of the day you might sit down, frustrated and thinking, what the heck am I doing right now? Since when did my life turn to such a mess?

As you try to sleep at night you might be wondering, have I done the right things? Why did I scream and why do I keep failing?

Nobody assesses your work, and nobody criticizes you, but your crying (and sometimes empty) heart often points her finger on you.

You’re not good enough.

You’re not happy.

You live a pointless life.

But do you know, mothers? That your life is a blessing? That it is indeed a gift?

The day your baby was born, he clutches fast to your breast, depending his life on your hands.

The day your toddler cries, he yearns for your love, for you to hold him and release him from his frustration and what he sees as danger.

The day your child endlessly asks questions, he believes that you know everything, that only you is his satisfaction of curiosities. 

The day your teenager slams his door and answers you sharply, he hides his insecurity and deep inside searches for your guidance, your aid and grace. 

The day your young adult son spreads his wings and leaves your arms, he longs for this assurance that you’ll be there when he fails to soar.

The day your child becomes a father, he wants to share the joy with his mother, and calls for your wisdom. 

The day your child grows old and far from home, he misses all the kindness and warmth his mother used to extend. 

Do you see that, mothers? You’re much needed, you’re much trust. These long mundane days of motherhood are hard and yet full of delights. 

You’re not nothing, you’re not useless. Your place in the motherhood race is your throne of grace. 

Those little eyes look at you with trust and hope, even on the days you lost your cool and yell and shout. Still they look at you with love, because deep inside they know mama will be alright. Mama will not stay mad.

Motherhood is a blessing. It is a blessing of trust, that a child is given to you to raise and form, to love and support.

And yet it is tiring, it is exhausting. But stay assure mother,

The day God gave you that little burden, He gave him along His grace.

For with power comes responsibility,

And within your weakness He provides His strength. 

Embrace today's blessing, mother. 
You are OK, you are good, you're blessed. 

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