I Forgot to Say Thanks

I woke up early in the morning feeling so cold. I felt very dizzy and I felt like throwing up. Oh my God… I’m here, so far from home and I fell ill? I couldn’t manage to be ill. I still have almost three weeks to go here, and I really can’t be ill this time. Not here, not now…

I woke up and got into the bathroom. I was thinking of vomiting but it’s too hurtful for me. So I went back to bed, putting some ointment and tried to go back to sleep. My stomach hurt, my head was so heavy… I thought it must be my gastric problem. I didn’t know which medicine I should take – I brought some from Singapore.

So I laid in my blanket and said my prayer, Oh my Father in heaven, please don’t let met ill here, today. Please heal me oh Jesus… and so I fell sleeping.

I woke up several hours later, couldn’t sleep much because I had to attend a meeting in Saadiyat Island. I emailed them saying I couldn’t come and would sort thing out by emails. I spent the whole morning at the dining room reading and writing emails – and of course eating bread. I pouted all day thinking of my project and people I had to face. They’re really upset me and I had so many things unsolved.

I had a bit of fever the whole day, so after I finished my meeting report and sent it to Singapore, I went back to my bedroom and slept. After sleeping for several hours plus one Decolgen, I felt better. Then I went out to dine at Abu Dhabi Mall with two colleagues, and now I felt so much better.

Just now I took a shower and thought how different is my condition now and what I felt this morning. And I dumbfounded, because I didn’t say thanks to God. Nothing uttered from my mouth – or even my heart – after I feel better. And I realize how I tend to be so ignorant and think that it was a small matter – cause I felt better, and I mindlessly forget about Him. I focused on my problems, my work, those people I don’t like, my argument with my PM, and simply put Him aside.

How if God didn’t heal me. If I’m still sick, I surely will remember Him, right? Will I keep thinking of my work? Will I keep thinking about my grumble? Wouldn’t I talk to Him only?

So tonight I’m writing down here, my thought, and my gratefulness to my God.

Thank You oh Lord, because You’re gracious and always help me, and I’m sorry of being so ignorant of Your grace.

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