Doa Seorang Ibu YA TUHAN,Buatlah aku seorang orangtua yang lebih baikTolonglah aku memahami anak-anakku,Untuk mendengarkan mereka dengan sabarAkan apa yang mereka harus katakanDan untuk menjawab semua pertanyaan mereka dengan baik dan ramah Jauhkanlah aku dari memotong begitu saja ketika mereka berbicaraDan balik berbicara kepada mereka dan menyudutkan merekaBuatlah aku selalu

Vakantie’ in the Dutch means ‘holiday’ in English. And my children are in ‘krokusvakantie’ right now, that means ‘spring holiday’. They are free from school for one week, and since we can’t go anywhere in this corona lockdown, we just stay at home. Often we go out to the neighboring

When I entered the dining room, the table was full with dirty dishes, the kitchen counter had no free space, at least 3 or 4 pans waited for me to wash them. I look to the left and no ray of hope shone from the living area. The table was

It’s been years since it snowed here in The Netherlands. Real snow, I mean. And today the children were very happy because they could finally play with snow. Many moms in the Facebook groups searched frantically for sleighs, boots, ski-suits, because the snow forecast came rather surprisingly. And now we’re

For a big part of my life, like 90 percent ever since I was able to evaluate my values, I’ve (almost) always gone to bed with this haunting feeling of regrets. The Collins Dictionary defines the word regret as this: Regret is a feeling of sadness or disappointment, which is