From the devotional reading: Been Thinking About by Mart De Haan. He’s writing about People Watcher – about people who watch others and examine their living and how Christian sometimes are hard to identify as the children of God. I read through ten factors he described in his writing, when

Suatu hari waktu saya masih mahasiswa, kami lagi ada deadline pengumpulan tugas apa – ntah saya lupa, tapi yang jelas semua anak bawa maket hari itu. Salah satu teman saya datang dan marah-marah, cerita bahwa di angkot maketnya disenggol orang yang mau turun atau apalah… she’s a kind of perfectionist

Ahahahaha what a title 😛 This should be a first posting in this blog. I planned to write down some thoughts I have in mind while I’m wandering in this complicated world. I used to write a lot. A LOT. A natural – born to be a talkative person –