(a belated posting from April 22nd, 2010) Ada kegiatan apa aja nih? 😉 bike to work? ;p hehehe berkebun? dll?anyway … HAPPY EARTH DAY !!! I just received that email in my inbox today. Can’t stop myself from producing a smile (though a bit sad one) in reading it. It

Yes, I dreamt about you. And it’s been happening very often until now. I mean, look at us, we’ve been talking only for the past few weeks and I’ve been dreaming about you – five, six times? And dear friend, how most of them are not good ones 🙁 When

Happy birthday Love, I’m celebrating here, tooHaving a bottle of Heaven and EarthLike we used to I thank God for one more year He gave youI thank God for giving you family, health, job and happinessAnd most of all,I thank God for giving you salvation,And let you know Him… Happy

From the devotional reading: Been Thinking About by Mart De Haan. He’s writing about People Watcher – about people who watch others and examine their living and how Christian sometimes are hard to identify as the children of God. I read through ten factors he described in his writing, when

Suatu hari waktu saya masih mahasiswa, kami lagi ada deadline pengumpulan tugas apa – ntah saya lupa, tapi yang jelas semua anak bawa maket hari itu. Salah satu teman saya datang dan marah-marah, cerita bahwa di angkot maketnya disenggol orang yang mau turun atau apalah… she’s a kind of perfectionist

Ahahahaha what a title 😛 This should be a first posting in this blog. I planned to write down some thoughts I have in mind while I’m wandering in this complicated world. I used to write a lot. A LOT. A natural – born to be a talkative person –